We find that the best age to start children swimming is when they can listen and understand what the instructor is trying to help them learn. This is usually at the age of 2. When a child is willing to go with a teacher rather than Mom or Dad, they tend to try harder, and show Mom and Dad just how big and independent they are.

We teach according to the child’s ability, not by what “level” they are assigned. Sometimes children amaze everyone and jump levels. At The Swim Academy, children that surpass expectations, are pushed by the teacher to do their personal best, and not held back because they catch on quickly. In most cases, one child’s eagerness can motivate the rest of the class to try harder. What a great influence!!


We teach the 4 main swimming strokes…front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly. Our instructors break the strokes into segments and teach each piece with different techniques and drills to help the swimmers understand how to swim the stroke better and with less effort.

We keep our class sizes small. At the most, a full class has 4 children to every instructor. With these small classes, it is easier for the kids to get the personal attention that is so needed to develop a strong swimmer. We motivate the children by awarding them with ribbons for the lower levels, medals for the junior levels, small trophies for the intermediate swimmers, and larger trophies for the senior levels and higher. When a swimmer sees the reward for working hard….they try even harder!


At the higher level of our lessons, the swimmers are taught to challenge themselves. Our Royal Olympic levels are combined with our Master levels, to try and challenge the swimmers to out swim themselves. Each of the 6 levels of the Royal Olympic levels are based on a timed swim. When a swimmer is able to swim a certain distance under a certain time, they are rewarded at the end of the session with a large trophy for their accomplishment.

Like all great swimmers, they started in a lessons program that worked on the technical aspects of each stroke. With proper training, dedication, and the right teachers, there is no stopping a swimmer determined to reach higher levels of swimming. It all begins here with the right lesson program.

A session at The Swim Academy runs once a week for seven weeks. Classes are half an hour in length.

Notification of your time slot will be received a week prior to the start date of the session. We try our best to schedule families and carpools at the same time, but in some cases back to back classes will be necessary.

Instructors use the same teaching techniques to ensure development throughout the sessions. We will take instructor requests, but we cannot guarantee that they are fulfilled.

Missed Classes: We do not offer make up classes for missed classes. If a class is cancelled due to pool fouling, we will make alternate arrangements to compensate for the class. We are unable to reschedule the makeup.

Payment: Registration for a session must be accompanied by payment in order for a spot to be reserved. There is a cancellation fee of $20.00 per child if the session is cancelled within one week of the start date. We will not offer refunds after the start of a session. If a serious medical condition should arise, a credit will be issued for an alternate session. Thank you for your understanding.

  • BEGINNER– Aqua quest 1 Equivalent- The kids in the beginner level are more comfortable in the water than the pre beginners, a little more willing to try more. The focus at this level is again comfort and putting their head under water. They are still working on the basics, blowing bubbles, floats, jumps to the instructor, using a kick board, head under the water and arm movements for treading water.
  • ADVANCED BEGINNER– Aqua quest 2 Equivalent- These children are comfortable in the water but still need help from the instructor on certain things. They should be able to front and back glide streamline with minimal help. These kids should be able to kick with the kick board by themselves for 20 ft.
  • PRE JUNIOR BRONZE– Aqua quest 3 Equivalent- In this level, the swimmers are expected to do more on their own with the instructor close by. They should be able to kick one length on their front and back on their own with a kick board with proper body and hand position. They are learning do a standing dive with help, treading water for 5 seconds, they are working on the front crawl and back crawl arm movements with help.
  • PRE JUNIOR SILVER– Aqua quest 4 (weak) Equivalent- In this level the swimmers can front and back glide streamline for 15-20ft., they can kick two lengths on their front and back with a kick board, tread water for 15 seconds, dive unassisted, and are starting to show proper body and head position with front and back crawl. They are able to complete 10 ft. of front and back crawl unassisted.
  • PRE JUNIOR GOLD– Aqua quest 4 (strong) Equivalent- These swimmers can streamline 20 ft. on their front and 60 ft. on their backs. They can kick 3 lengths with a kick board with a small and continuous kick. They can tread water for 30 seconds and have their arms pressed behind their ears when diving. They are working on side breathing for front crawl every four strokes and are showing smooth arm entry, and can swim 30ft. For back crawl their hips are moving towards the surface and their ears are under water with chin up and arms reaching straight up and little head movement. They can swim 30 ft.
  • JUNIOR BRONZE Aqua quest 5 Equivalent- These swimmers can front glide 30 ft. and back glide 2 lengths. They can kick on their front and back for 3-4 lengths with their kick small and continuous. They tread water for 45 seconds, and dives are becoming easier. The hips are beginning to rotate in front crawl, the arm movements are smoother, 4 stroke breathing becomes more continuous and they are taking only one breath on the side. Back stroke arms are reaching straight up and the hands move towards the center of the body. The swimmer can swim one length of front and back unassisted.
  • JUNIOR SILVERAqua quest 6 (weak) Equivalent- The swimmer can front glide for 30-40ft. and back glide 3-4 lengths. Front and back kick for 4 lengths. They can tread water for 1 minute and keep their chin down and arms pressed behind the ears while diving. Hip rotation for front crawl in 25% developed with the kick staying together. Side breathing is 50% developed and they can swim 1-2 lengths. For back stroke they can swim 1-2 lengths with the head almost completely still. The kick is at the surface of the water and arm position is strong and arm timing is worked on. The swimmers at this level are introduced to Butterfly working on a dolphin kick for 30 ft. and 4 stroke arm movement.
  • JUNIOR GOLD Aqua quest 6 (strong) Equivalent- Swimmers can front glide 40 ft. and back glide 4 lengths. They can front and back kick for 4-5 lengths with a small and continuous kick, and dolphins kick one length. While diving, the legs start to spring, hands enter first, and the swimmer glides upon entry. They can tread water for 2 minutes. They can swim front crawl 2 lengths with hip rotation improving, and head position sinking and rolling when side breathing. They can swim 2 lengths of back stroke with straight arms, fairly smooth hand entry and pinky first. They can swim one length of butterfly though it may not be pretty to look at yet. They are attempting to breath every two strokes and the arms push all the way down the side of the body. The arms are beginning to clear the water when going forward.
  • INTERMEDIATE BRONZE– Aqua quest 7 Equivalent- Swimmers can front glide 40 ft. and perform back glide with hips at 11 and 1 position for 1 length. Treading water for 2 1/2 minutes. In front crawl the side breathing is smooth with head position being more consistent with looking horizontal across the water while breathing and hips at 11 and 1 position. Should be able to accomplish 3 lengths well with the above skills. In backstroke the shoulder roll is almost developed, 3 underwater dolphin kicks upon push off, neck is relaxed and hand position with pinky entry and thumb exit, and smooth hand entry. Should be able to complete 3 lengths. Butterfly 1 to 2 lengths with chin on top of the water while breathing, feet kicking down when hands enter water, and arms reach forward when entering the water.
  • INTERMEDIATE SILVER– Aqua quest 8 Equivalent- Above skills but able to complete 2 lengths back glide, front glide kick is continually at the surface of the water, treading water for 3 minutes, front kick 5 lengths with small and continuous kick the entire time. For front crawl all above skills plus specific progression drills executing the above focal points over 3 lengths. Backstroke the hand entry is smooth and a constant arm speed over 3 lengths. Butterfly kicking in and out of stroke, head entry when arms come out of the water. Perform this for 2 lengths smooth with proper arm clearance in recovery. Breaststroke kick introduced. Perform 20 ft. with kick board.
  • INTERMEDIATE GOLD– Aqua quest 9 Equivalent- All above skills plus 30 feet breaststroke glide streamline, 7 & 7 front drill 1 length, 1 length dolphin kick no board, breathing every 4-6 kicks, 7 & 7 balance drill with 1 length perfect balance. Front crawl high elbow recovery. 4 lengths proper technique. Backstroke arm entry 11 and 1, hip rotation developed. 3 lengths with proper technique. Butterfly chin on water when breathing arms beginning to clear the water when going forward. Perform above skills 2-3 lengths. Breaststroke glide between kicks, pointed toes when finishing, 1 length breaststroke kick.
  • SENIOR BRONZE– Aqua quest 10 Equivalent- 1 length dolphins kick no board breathing every 5-7 strokes. When diving legs are straight and above the hips when the body enters the water. Front crawl side breathing fully developed, 7 & 7 free drill for 2 lengths. Backstroke stroke is smooth and continuous, 6 underwater dolphin kicks off wall in proper streamline position, 4 lengths. Butterfly hand entry is becoming smooth, arms fully clear water when reaching, toes pointed during kick, 3 lengths. Breaststroke attempting to flex foot when kick together occurs, starting to follow I Y I pattern, 1 length.
  • SENIOR SILVER– Aqua quest 11 Equivalent (weak)- All above skills. Front crawl stroke count less than 24 per length, bottom goggle in water when breathing, all skills to date over 4 lengths. Backstroke bent arm pull almost fully developed, stroke count less than 24 per length, perform all skills over 4 lengths. Breaststroke breath-kick-glide, legs press together when arms begin parting, legs draw up quickly and kick together slow, 1-2 lengths. Butterfly 1 quick breath/chin on water, look forward and down when breathing, equal power to kick up and down, all above 3-4 lengths. 1 stroke 4 kick fly drill for 1 length.
  • SENIOR GOLD– Aqua quest 11 (strong)- 12 Equivalent- Front crawl stroke count less than 23, high elbow catch and pull almost fully developed, all skills plus above over 5 lengths. Backstroke stroke count less than 23, effortless small kick, 8 kicks underwater with nose up, all of skills to date plus above over 5 lengths. Butterfly 4 lengths with breathing as hands push out back past hips. Breaststroke body is near surface of water when gliding between strokes, all skills over 2 lengths.
  • MASTER BRONZE, MASTER SILVER AND MASTER GOLD- No Aqua quest Equivalent. Work in conjunction with the Royal Olympic levels below.
  • ROYAL OLYMPIC LEVELS– Timed swims- Once you have reached these levels, you have completed the City and Red Cross levels. We have created the Master program to work side by side with our Royal Olympic Levels to create the most efficient swimmers. The technique is developed to its fullest and the swimmers are challenged by timed swims, the ultimate test of skill! Once swimmers have completed all Masters AND Royal Olympic levels, the reward, besides knowing you are an exceptionally strong swimmer with amazing technique, proper balance, and effortless strokes, is a huge trophy. Very few have completed this. Most swimmers have moved into the Stroke Development Program or High School Swim Team Program. Not only do you have a trophy to admire, you are recognized in the newspaper. Good luck, and happy swimming!
Front Crawl 5 lengths Golf score free style one length Spin drill backstroke with golf score Backstroke 5 lengths
Royal Olympic 1 completed in 2:16-2:30 under 26 under 28 completed in 2:16-2:30
Royal Olympic 2 completed in 2:01-2:15 under 24 under 26 completed in 2:01-2:15
Royal Olympic 3 completed in 1:46-2:00 under 23 under 25 completed in 1:46-2:00
Royal Olympic 4 completed in 1:31-1:45 under 22 under 24 completed in 1:31-1:45
Royal Olympic 5 completed in 1:16-1:30 under 21 under 23 completed in 1:16-1:30
Royal Olympic 6 under 1:16 under 20 under 22 under 1:16